Why fox fur is still alive and kicking in America

In America, fox fur remains a valuable source of fur for domestic animals.

But now the animal rights group Americans for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling for the federal government to ban the sale and distribution of the fur.

Fox fur has been in use in the United States since 1877.

Fox Fur is a synthetic fur that has a white or red color.

It is also a highly desirable animal product in China, where it has been used for many years.

Fox is now a highly valued commodity.

It has been imported to the US by furriers in China and elsewhere.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in a statement: We recognize the value of fox fur and its benefits to American hunters and sport-fursters.

The department has worked with the Humane Society of the United Kingdom (HSUK) and other animal rights groups to ban its sale in the US.

But, it noted, “some products may still be sold in certain states and may continue to be produced.”

Fox fur is a highly valuable product in the world of fur farming.

Fox can fetch more than $200 per kilogram, according to the Humane League.

Fox has also been used as a substitute for fur in cosmetics, which are used to create synthetic products such as nail polish, skin creams, and hair treatments.

In the US, the animal-rights group has been using the fur industry to oppose the HSUK’s ban on its sales in the country.

“It is a violation of animal welfare to produce fox fur in the USA, and that is why we are calling for a nationwide ban on the sale of fox and wolf fur products,” said Kathy Smith, president of Americans for Humane Treatment of Animal Cruelty (AHTA), in a press release.

The Humane League, which represents the US fur industry, has long argued that fur has health benefits.

The group says it “lacks any scientific support” for the claims made by fur-farming groups.

Foxes can carry diseases and have been found to carry diseases in their fur, such as Wolbachia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Fox’s role in the fur trade The fur industry in the west is still very important to many people.

It accounts for about one-third of US meat, which is about 1.8 billion tonnes.

In recent years, the industry has expanded to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the industrialized world.

In 2008, it was estimated that the US exported nearly $4.5 billion worth of fur.

US fur production peaked in the mid-19th century.

By the 1970s, the US had more than 90 fur mills, making up one-fifth of the global industry.

Fox and wolf have been domesticated, and the animals are raised for their fur in facilities that are located in some of the country’s most industrialized states.

In 2010, the Humane Alliance, an animal rights advocacy group based in California, sued the US government over the sale, importation, and use of fur by fur traders.

“These fur-related products continue to exist on a legal gray area,” the lawsuit stated.

It argued that the Fur Trade Act of 1917, which banned fur trade, was unconstitutional and that US law did not protect domestic animals from the fur-trafficking industry.

In November 2011, the government settled the case for $2.6 million.

However, in January 2017, the court ordered a stay on the settlement, citing a lack of evidence of harm caused by fur trading.

In April 2017, however, the Justice Department announced it would appeal the ruling.

It noted that the court had not “found evidence of any harm caused to domestic animals, but found that there was insufficient evidence to determine whether domestic animals were subjected to any economic harm, or whether the use of domestic animals for fur purposes was a significant economic drain to the United State.”

“As a result of this ruling, the Department of Justice is no longer reviewing the Fur Tariff Act of 1930,” it said.

However the fur industries remain powerful.

According to the American Fur Trade Association, the fur fur industry is responsible for more than 70% of the U.S. fur trade.

Fox meat sold in the U

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