Why Coyotes don’t want to get rid of their Coyote Fur Processors

Coyotes have been complaining for months about the fur processing plant, but they’re apparently not buying into the Coyotes’ claim that the plant will kill their fur.

According to the Associated Press, the Coyotes and the Coyotes Fur Processing Center Association said Monday that the project will kill about 30 percent of the coyote’s fur.

The company says it can’t assure the public that the fur will be the same as in the original plan to remove it, because it is still undergoing certification testing.

The Coyotes have repeatedly said they do not intend to kill any of their animals, including coyotes.

They have said they would rather continue to breed and have them in a state where they can be legally harvested for fur.

However, the company says the process is no longer working.

They also say the facility has been “shifted from an industrial facility to a residential environment” and that the process has “caused significant disruption” to the region’s fur industry.

The fur industry is not the only industry that has complained about the Coyotes.

The city of Salt Lake City, Utah, has been fighting to have the company that manages the Fur Products and Exporters (FPE) license, which is required for the plant to operate.

Salt Lake is also suing the company for more than $20 million.

According the Salt Lake Tribune, the city has asked a federal judge to issue an injunction to block the Coyotes from transferring their license.

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