How to build a molding machine that can make furan from a single grain of sand

The technology is being hailed as the “world’s most advanced” method for making furan, a high-grade clay that is used to make plastics and metals.

But the process, dubbed “Furan Molding” by the makers, requires a huge amount of sand, which is not a common material.

The molding machines are a cheaper alternative to traditional methods that require a huge quantity of sand.

The process is also very efficient, with the average molding yield being between 1 to 1.5 kg per machine.

A lot of work goes into making a mold.

The maker says the process can be scaled up to make more than 1.8 kg per day.

The company says it will be able to make up to a tonne of furan in the next two years, or roughly a billion tons.

“Furan is a very expensive clay, but we believe it’s a valuable mineral for the global economy, including for our domestic market, and for the world’s environment,” said Alex Kastrzewicz, CEO of Furan Molding.

“Furan can be used to manufacture plastics, rubber, glass, glass and ceramic products.

It can be a valuable commodity for many industries.”

The company has already been producing the clay in a factory in Poland.

It will be a few years before furan is ready for use.

It will take a lot of time and energy to make the mold.

The makers say they plan to scale up the manufacturing process.

But they also have plans to produce the material in other places, including China and Japan.

The firm says it is also looking at developing other products.

Furan has also developed a new product called Fura-P, which uses furan as a catalyst for polymerization.

Its founder, Dr Zbigniew Zborowski, says he believes the polymerisation process will be used by the next generation of polymerizer and can help produce materials that have a higher performance.

“Our aim is to take the polymerization process and make it useful for the manufacture of other products,” he told CNBC.

However, this technology is still a work in progress, with there being so much unknown about the process.

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