How the FDA Approves Furs for Animal Products

By Nick PintoJanuary 26, 2018 12:08:00FDA approval process is complex, and the agency has no set rules to guide it.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the steps involved in getting the product approved, and there are a number of different hurdles that the agency faces when considering a product.

FDA rules require a product to meet a number “of criteria” before it is eligible for FDA approval, and some requirements don’t apply to the same product.

For instance, FDA requires that an animal must be used to produce the product, and that the animal has to be a “domesticated animal” (meaning it’s not a lab animal).

But some requirements do apply, and this can result in a product that is more likely to be deemed acceptable for use in a pet.

Furry fur products, on the other hand, don’t need to meet any of the FDA’s requirements, but that doesn’t mean they don’t meet the agency’s requirements. 

A few of the requirements listed below are specifically mentioned in the regulations, and they will have to be met before a product can be approved. 


The product must be a pet product.


The animal must have been bred and maintained as a pet and have lived in captivity for at least one year.


The products must be approved as a “fursuit,” and it must have a face on the outside that is used for display or decoration purposes.

The process for applying for a “fur costume” approval is lengthy, and a lot of people don’t understand the rules that apply to it. 

Furry fur costumes have been approved by the FDA in the past, but they have generally been a bit of a headache for the agency.

For one, the rules for using a costume as a fur mask can be quite complicated.

In a way, the agency is saying that fur costumes are a costume and not a real fur mask, and you can’t really hide your fur under a fur costume. 

The agency has also issued guidelines on the use of the costume, but the rules have been controversial, and it’s unclear if the agency will make any changes to its guidelines to accommodate furry costumes. 


The mask must be made of natural materials.


The fur must not be “deformed,” or have any other defects. 

In a statement, the FDA explained that its approval process requires a product have a lot more criteria, but it’s a complex process.

For the mask approval, it must meet at least two of the criteria outlined in the rules, and then the agency “will consider a number” of additional criteria in order to decide if the mask meets those criteria.

For example, a product may not be suitable for use for cosmetic purposes, or may have some kind of mechanical defect that prevents the mask from being worn properly.

The agency also has to weigh the safety of the mask against the animal, and how long the mask has been in use. 

“The FDA cannot, however, require a mask to be entirely free of fur, and its regulatory requirements do not apply to fur masks made from natural materials,” the FDA said in the statement. 


The hair must be “natural.” 

The mask approval process may seem like a pain, but there are ways to minimize the process.

The FDA has stated that there are some exceptions to its requirements, and for fur masks that meet all the requirements, the product can still be approved for animal use.

So, for example, if a mask is approved for use as a face mask, the company may not need to provide any hair for the mask to cover, and even if it does, the mask may still be allowed to be used for cosmetic reasons. 

Another option is to limit the product to natural materials that don’t pose a health risk.

For fur masks, for instance, the federal government allows a mask approved for fur use to be dyed with artificial fur dye.

So a mask can still meet all of the federal mask requirements if it is dyed with natural fur dye, but if it’s dyed with synthetic fur dye (such as a synthetic fur mask made from synthetic fur), then the FDA is more stringent about whether the mask is appropriate for use.

The agency also pointed out that fur masks have been used as cosmetic masks for many years, and as such, the masks don’t have to meet all regulations, even if they are dyed with fake fur dye or synthetic fur. 


The manufacturer must also meet the FDA criteria. 

This is where it gets really complicated.

Some companies may be able to meet FDA requirements if they can produce a mask with a “natural” appearance that isn’t anachronistic or outdated. 

For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has allowed for the use a mask that doesn, in fact, look like a mask, which is why companies like the mask maker The

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