‘Fur-Fling’ to get fur industry back on track

Fur-flinging, a practice that involves trapping fur animals in crates, is gaining momentum.

In the last few years, animal rights groups have taken to the streets in droves to protest against fur trappers.

Now, the fur industry is gearing up for its biggest rally in years, which is scheduled for March 6 in the northern city of Bremen.

The fur industry, which employs about 300,000 people, is hoping the rally, which will take place in the middle of winter, will help the industry regain its footing.

The rally is being organized by the Federation of Fur Trade Associations, which represents about 30,000 fur trade associations, said its CEO, Janne Klooster, in an interview.

The group hopes to raise $25 million for the Fur-Fellers Campaign, an anti-fur group that has lobbied against the industry for decades.

It is not clear when the fur trade association will be able to gather its $25,000 goal, but Kloosters said he expects the event to be an important one.

“Fur is a major export item,” he said.

“And it is an export that is not really used for people to spend money in their homes.”

The fur trade groups are hoping that the rally will draw attention to the industry’s plight and help the fur farmers that work in the industry, as well as to help bring back some of the jobs that have disappeared.

The industry is still in a state of crisis.

About 100,000 animals, mostly dogs and cats, are killed annually in Germany alone.

The number of fur-trading licenses in the country has been reduced from 1,800 in 2009 to around 300 in 2016.

But the industry is in dire straits.

As the number of licenses has declined, so too has demand for fur.

Fur-traders say the industry needs to make up for lost revenue from imported animals, and they want to sell more of their products.

But in recent years, the demand for imported fur has also fallen due to the increased number of animals being slaughtered in China.

Fur trade groups have also been accused of trying to keep the industry in its current form.

In 2016, a coalition of animal rights activists led by the Bremens’ mayor, Thomas Koozers, and former interior minister, Christoph Schmid, wrote a letter to the federal government, urging them to support fur-trapping.

“We want to stress the fact that it is possible to fight against the trade of animals and the trade in fur without resorting to violent methods,” the letter read.

“The trade in animal products has to be based on ethics, not politics, that is, on the ethics of our animal companions.”

As fur-industry leaders prepare for the rally in Bremes city center, Kloerters said the fur-trade association has not had a problem getting the money needed for the campaign.

But he said that it may not be easy for the fur community to take on the fur trapper and his anti-furs crusade.

“I am not an economist, but the numbers are really small,” he told The Wall St. Journal.

“People are starting to look for other ways to support themselves and they’re starting to think about what their next steps are.”

In 2017, fur-Traders also launched the “furs and fur,” a campaign to support the animals that live in the fur farms.

The campaign aims to educate people about the suffering caused by the industry and to raise awareness about the fur traders’ role in animal exploitation.

The program has been successful in Germany, where it is called the “fur-trader campaign.”

Kloerman, the Fur Trade Association’s CEO, said that the campaign has attracted a lot of attention in Germany.

“It’s not only the fur people who are interested, but also the animal rights people who were involved in the campaigns,” he explained.

“So we expect that we will attract a lot more interest in the future.”

Koozer, who left his position as interior minister in August 2016, said in an emailed statement that he was glad to see that the fur and fur trade have been able to find new ways to fight.

“These are very positive and constructive measures to support and protect our animals, which in Germany are among the most valuable assets in the economy,” he wrote.

The Bremuns fur farm is not the only one that has been targeted by fur trapping.

In March, a group of activists stormed the headquarters of a farm in Austria, which also operates a farm called the Fur Farm.

The activists broke into the building and tried to arrest a lawyer who was investigating fur-farm abuse, according to reports in the local media.

The lawyer was later released after agreeing to sign a document saying that no animal would be harmed if he investigated the case, the Associated Press reported.

In a statement to the AP, the Austrian Interior Ministry

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