Fox News’ Faux fur dyeing factory to close

The Faux Fur Dyeing Process is closing its doors and is no longer able to process fur.

Fox News reports that the company was originally contracted to make fur for the Australian wool industry, but ended up making fur for fur dealers, and the company has since closed.

The news comes as Australian authorities continue to investigate a number of alleged fraud cases involving the fur trade, and as a new fur dye factory opens in Queensland.

The Fudges, located in Newcastle, was one of three facilities that were set up in 2014 by a Canadian-based company, Fur Trade International (FTI).

The factory was paid a $500,000 contract to make up to 6 million metric tons of Australian wool annually, according to the ABC.

The ABC reports that FTI is now reportedly closing its Fudged-up plant, citing “a very strong” regulatory process.

The closure of the factory comes on the heels of an investigation by Australian authorities into whether Fudgie Fencing Company was defrauding Australian consumers with its fake fur dye process.

FTI was also fined $1.7 million last year for failing to inform consumers of its alleged fraudulent practices.

ABC News Australia has reached out to FTI for comment.

Fox Business has reached Outback Dye, the company behind the Fudgy Fur Dyes, for comment, and will update this story when we hear back.

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