What You Need to Know About ‘The Biggest Loser’ Season 8

The biggest loser of the season so far, of course, is Nick and Danielle, who are locked in a bitter feud. 

In the past, Nick has taken the fall for Danielle’s behavior in the kitchen. 

“The only thing I can really blame is myself for not doing what was right for myself,” Nick says in the Season 8 premiere. 

But Danielle’s outburst in the dining room at the beginning of the episode is particularly cruel to Nick. 

When Danielle walks in, she tells Nick that she will give up her seat at the table for him if he gets his way. 

Nick is mortified by Danielle’s actions. 

As the episode continues, Nick tries to make up for it, by saying he will give her a seat. 

He also makes a point of telling Danielle that he is “not the one who has to make this difficult decision.” 

As Danielle prepares to leave, Nick stands by his side, telling her that he loves her and that he will always be her best friend. 

It’s the final straw for Danielle, and she starts making an appearance at Nick’s house. 

After she leaves, she is seen holding a bowl of pasta and eating it with her hand. 

At the end of the series, Nick says he loves Danielle. 

And it seems like he’s finally got it all together. 

Watch the full episode of “The Bigest Loser” in the player below.

See all the Season 9 episodes in the slideshow above.

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