New coyote processing equipment approved by wildlife department

The Department of Wildlife and Parks has approved an eight-megawatt system to process the fur of coyotes.

The system was constructed by Deerfield-based North-South Power & Energy (NS&E) and has been in use since July.NS&e is a subsidiary of the company behind the Fur Processing Equipment Corporation (FPEC).

The fur processing equipment is being used in New Zealand to process foxes, rabbits, moose, mooses and other large carnivores for food and for research and educational purposes.

DWP says the fur processing facility is currently operational, but the agency is awaiting the approval of the Fur Council of New Zealand, which oversees the industry.

“We’re now waiting to see if they’ve applied for the licence for this new equipment,” said DWP manager of animal welfare, David Wilson.

It’s not the first time the agency has approved a fur processing system.

In 2014, it approved a system to export fur from foxes in the Tasmanian Highlands.

However, the new fur processing technology uses a new type of equipment, rather than the old ones that were manufactured in the 1970s.

NS&ES also owns the Fur Technology Corporation, which has produced the technology to process fur for deer.

North-South has applied for a licence to process other large mammals such as wolves and moose.

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