How fur is made in Australia

A unique fur manufacturing process is being developed in the UK, with the UK’s biggest fur traders saying it could revolutionise the industry.

The process has been developed in partnership with UK manufacturer Furan, and the UK Government has committed to supporting the UK fur industry.

It is hoped the new process will be used to produce fur for export and domestic fur, and it is also designed to reduce waste and carbon emissions in the fur industry, according to the company.

“We have the world’s largest market and there is a very big demand for fur, particularly from the United States,” Furan chief executive Paul Dyson said.

“So this is very much about meeting that demand.”

Mr Dyson says Furan is also interested in creating a market for its products in Australia, where it is the largest fur trader.

“This is not something that we are going to do without Australia, we are very committed to this,” he said.

Furan is one of the largest and most popular fur traders in the world.

The company produces over 3 million kilos of fur annually, making it the biggest fur trader in the US and the world, according the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“The main reason we are in the market right now is to satisfy that demand,” Mr Dyson explained.

“Australia is one [country] that has a lot of demand for our products.”

In addition to that, we have a huge appetite for other products.

“Mr Moulton said he was hopeful the new technology could help Furan meet the growing demand for Australian fur.”

With a market like this in the United Kingdom, it gives us the opportunity to go further and be more competitive, and I think we can do that,” he explained.

Mr Moulston said the company was also looking at creating a domestic fur market.”

What we have in Australia is a really competitive domestic market,” he added.”

That’s where we want to go and try and do the best we can.

“Mr Saffron said the new fur manufacturing technology was a game changer for the fur trade.”

It’s a game-changer in terms of creating an industry that is viable, that is going to be a good, healthy industry,” he told ABC Radio.”

And I think it will create a lot more opportunities for us to export to other countries.

“The Australian Government’s decision to support the fur business in the country was announced last month.


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