Fox News: Fox News hosts are now being called out for their coverage of fur processing in China

Fox News host Sean Hannity was asked about fur processing at a press conference in Beijing this morning.

The panel consisted of Fox News contributor and Fox News Contributor Michael Clemente, Fox News producer Kelly Bensinger, Fox contributor and contributor to Fox News, and Fox Business contributor and News Channel personality Paul Bedard.

Hannity said, “I think we have to keep in mind that I’ve been on the network, and you know, the first time I went into China, I was on a network where they didn’t have a lot of people.

So, I think we need to keep the focus on what’s going on in China, and I think the media is doing a fantastic job.

I think that’s the key thing here.

And the press needs to do a better job in terms of covering this issue.”

Bedard added, “So, we have a situation where you’re going to have to talk to the people.

We have a position of reporters that are going to be covering it.

You have to go into the people’s homes and get them to talk.

And I think it’s going to take a while for the Chinese to understand what’s happening in China.”

Hannity said that he thinks the media will do a good job.

“I do.

And they’re doing a very good job of covering it,” Hannity said.

“But, I just don’t think they need to be in every situation.

I don’t want to be at every situation and be on every news story.

I mean, that’s part of the job of a journalist.

And you know what I mean?

I think you have to be able to do that.

And if you’re doing that, it will be good for the people.”

Hannity went on to say that he doesn’t think it is a good thing for Fox News to be there.

“No, it’s not,” Hannity responded.

“It’s just not right for me.

I’m not a fan of the fact that we’re on there.

I just think that we need people to understand that.

We’re there to report on news, not to go and be involved in a whole lot of the other stuff that goes on.”

Hannity also criticized Fox News for its coverage of the protests in Hong Kong over the weekend.

“They were doing their job,” Hannity noted.

“You know, I didn’t even know that they were doing that.

They were just going out there and covering the protests.

They’re doing their jobs.

So I don.t think that Fox News should be there covering that stuff.

It should be covering other news.

And it’s really not their job.

And, you know…

I don’t know why you guys are there at all.

I’ve got nothing against Fox News.

I have nothing against you guys.

But, you gotta understand that we can’t be there at every point in time.

You’re not going to get it right every single time.

And there are a lot more stories that are coming out.

I haven’t seen them all, and they’re all very good stories.

But you know that.

I know that you can’t do it every single day.

And so, you’re supposed to be out there doing that stuff, but I’m just not there at the time that I need to.

So you’re right.

You can’t get the news right every day.”

Hannity added that he is a fan the Fox News crew at the protests, but believes that it is not a good fit for Fox.

“Fox News, like a lot in this country, you can get a lot wrong on a lot things,” Hannity commented.

“And I don�t think Fox News is good for us.

I want to do Fox News because I want it to be a source of information for a lot other people that don’t have it.

And that’s why I’ve started a petition.

And now, if they want to make me a contributor, I can sign that.

But it�s not for me to be the source of news, to be saying, ‘Hey, you’ve got this, you�ve got that, you should get that.’

And you�re supposed to just go out there, have a few beers and say, ‘Here’s what happened.

Here’s what I want you to know about this.’

And, as you know.

That�s just not what we do.”

Hannity continued, “And that�s why I started the petition.

That’s why we started a website.

And Fox News does a lot to spread misinformation.

So Fox News has got to do more than just tell the truth.

They have got to put out a lot, because it�ll be difficult to spread the truth if you don�ts have people that are willing to listen to it.

So we want to go to them, because they�re not willing to just lie to the American people.

That would be wrong.

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