When NFL vets go to China, they go by the molding process

The NFL is bringing the process of making players into its ranks with the release of a new video series, “The Furry Football Process,” featuring former players, coaches and medical experts on how the new league will prepare them for the game.

The new “Furry Football” video series is a collaboration between the NFL, ESPN and the Chinese government to promote the sport of football and its players, and was produced by ESPN’s “The Players’ Tribune,” a joint venture with ESPN and China’s Xinhua News Agency.

The video series begins with an introduction by the head of the NFL’s research and development, Tom Telesco, who describes the process as “a fascinating and fascinating exploration of how football is played in China.”

“There are a lot of things you learn that are a little different from what you’d expect,” Telesca told ESPN.

“There’s more physicality in the game, there are a bunch of little nuances.

And I think a lot that we learn about the game we don’t really get from the outside, and we learn a lot from what we see.”

In the video, Telesconesco goes on to describe how a player will be molded in a lab in the United States.

The player will then be sent to a “furry football factory” in the Chinese city of Tianjin where the mold is created.

In the video game, the mold looks like a small plastic bag and a human skin sample is used to mold the skin into a shape the player can use on the field.

The NFL is currently in China as part of the “The 50th Anniversary” event, and in this video series Telescosco takes viewers on a tour of the facility.

“We’re building our first real factory in China, and it’s actually one of the most beautiful factories in the world,” he said.

“The way they are going about it is very impressive.”

The factory will be used for the creation of all kinds of “furs,” which are “the softest, most flexible material of all,” Telsco said.

The process is so different than what you might see in a traditional NFL facility, where the player is required to spend a lot more time working on the game itself.

“I think we’re going to see a lot less of that,” Telasco said, “because they are taking a different approach.”

A sample of a mold of a player’s skin being molded.

The mold will be able to mold a human’s skin to a variety of human characteristics.

The game of football, in other words, is different in that the NFL wants players to play their sport in ways that make them feel more comfortable, and this new process could help make this happen.

“I think the way the players will be molded is going to be so different from anything we’ve ever seen before in a football field,” Telsesco said in the video.

“You’re going into a completely different place and there’s going to a whole lot more to learn about that, a whole different level of comfort.

And we’re really excited to learn from the players. “

It’s a lot to get into.

And we’re really excited to learn from the players.

We’re very excited to work with them.”

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