What you need to know about fur processing gear

The medical profession is not the only industry to be grappling with how to deal with fur-processing equipment, and it’s not a new problem.

The fur industry has been battling for years to get rid of the products, but there’s been some progress, albeit slow.

And now, a new report from the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is raising some red flags about fur-processing equipment.

“The industry is a growing threat to the animals they’re killing,” says Laura Schatz, senior attorney with ALDF.

The report details the problems associated with fur processing.

“They’re destroying fur from a dog’s tail to the collarbone,” she says.

“There are tons of products out there that will not only kill fur, but will actually destroy the health of the animals that they’re using to process it.”

The ALDF report also says fur processing is dangerous to humans and pets.

“Fur is not a natural product.

It’s not the product of nature,” says Schatz.

“It’s a synthetic material that has been made by synthetic processes.”

The report, “Furs and the Human Body,” highlights some of the ways that fur processing products can damage the body and the environment.

“Our research shows that the fur industry is the most dangerous place in the world for humans to go to, and in the United States, the industry is responsible for more than 60,000 deaths annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” says ALDF executive director Shannon Riecken.

She points out that the industry has killed more than 3 million animals in the U.S. alone, killing more than two million people and causing nearly $6.8 billion in health-related losses.

In addition, the fur companies’ use of “animal testing” to certify fur products has resulted in a spike in reports of dogs being poisoned.

“Unfortunately, the companies have gotten away with this practice for so long that the public is now waking up to the dangers of fur processing,” Rieksen says.

It has been reported that many fur companies are using animal testing to certify their products.

According to Riecksen, “This practice is not only illegal, but also it’s dangerous.

It can lead to the death of an animal, and this is happening in the face of industry-funded research that is proving that these products can harm animals and the health and well-being of the people who are using them.”

In addition to the risks to humans, fur-production facilities can be a place for wildlife to get hurt.

“These companies can also damage wildlife,” Schatz says.

She says that the companies use animal testing and other means to certify that fur is suitable for the intended use.

“So when you see an animal being used for a fur-trim, you see that animal being treated as an animal.

They’re not treated as a human being.

They have a very high degree of socialization and socialization is how animals get used and they’re being used as pets, not as living, breathing, healthy animals.”

Schatz points out the “furs are not meant for us” argument, saying, “We’re supposed to eat these animals and care for them and give them our attention and our love.”

Fur processing also puts the health, welfare and well being of the animal at risk.

“Animals are suffering,” she said.

“We are seeing an epidemic of diseases in the wild, and there are people in charge of those animals that have not been trained to care for animals, and those animals are dying.”

According to the report, the animal health and welfare department at the Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible, in part, for “overfishing” of the wild animals.

“Under federal regulation, the Department has an obligation to ensure that animals that are caught at the edges of the nation’s fishery are humanely captured,” Schitz said.

The USDA is also a “central player in the industry,” Riescken says, “and it’s been very easy to get the government to say no to animals that were caught outside the U

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