Obama, Biden vow to ‘take a strong stance’ on gun violence

Vice President Joe Biden and President Joe H. Biden Jr. vowed Thursday to take a strong position on gun rights as President Joe P. Biden and his Cabinet prepare for their first public forum since the deadly shooting rampage in Las Vegas.

They spoke during a joint press conference in the Roosevelt Room of the White House to discuss gun violence, but Biden also warned against the possibility of a mass shooting on the steps of the Capitol.

“If there are any other events in this country, let’s just not allow them to happen,” Biden said, urging Americans to take action.

The president added: “We will not allow it to happen again.”

He said he is “very much” concerned about the growing number of gun violence incidents in America and vowed to implement additional restrictions on guns as a “first order of business” as the country begins to recover from the recent shooting rampage.

“As a country we have to be proactive,” Biden added.

Obama has made gun violence a central issue during his second term in office and has pledged to close loopholes in the nation’s gun laws, including the so-called “assault weapons” ban.

Biden is also expected to sign a $1.9 trillion spending package for the military, including a new Pentagon budget that includes a $300 billion increase for military equipment.

On Wednesday, Biden also made it clear that he would not seek reelection, even as he faces tough reelection challenges in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“The only reason that we have not made a decision yet is because I have not yet made a determination,” Biden told reporters.

“We are going to make decisions as quickly as we can, and I have a very clear set of priorities that we need to be able to meet.”

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