How to get the best out of the new Furan process

New car maker Furan has unveiled a new fuel-efficient petrol-electric hybrid with a fuel cell to make it more fuel-rich than its petrol-powered predecessor.

The company says the new hybrid is the first of its kind, with its engine and motor running on two hydrogen-rich hydrogen fuel cells.

“We’re excited to introduce a truly fuel-saving and fuel-pumping hybrid that will not only make the new Nissan LEAF a household name, but also the first to be powered by the world’s first hybrid fuel cell,” Furan chief executive, Armin Rühle, said in a statement.

The new LEAF hybrid has a hybrid petrol-engine and electric motor.

This is the same petrol-electrical engine as the LEAF, with a new, more efficient combustion chamber, with two electric motors powering the fuel cells and a motor driving the battery.

Both the engine and the motor are connected by a new electrically charged hydrogen fuel cell.

Faru’s fuel-cell technology was first revealed in the early 2000s and is a hybrid of the traditional diesel and petrol-gasoline hybrid engines that power the likes of the BMW i3 and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

A hydrogen fuel-sipping engine can be found on some other electric-vehicle hybrids.

Nissan has also introduced a hydrogen fuel efficiency of around 70%, while Tesla has made a range of electric-powered vehicles using hydrogen.

The company has been developing its hydrogen fuel, which is also made from liquid hydrogen, for about a decade, with the fuel cell being used in some electric cars.

It uses a lithium-ion battery, which uses electricity to charge the battery and then use the electricity to convert the hydrogen to electricity, and this can help the vehicle’s electric motors to run more efficiently.

Its batteries are designed to last 100,000 kilometres, compared to the 50,000 km of the petrol-diesel hybrid and 60,000km of the gas-electric hybrids. 

The car will be the first one of its type to be built with the new fuel cell technology, and it is due to go on sale in 2018.

Earlier this year, the company also revealed a new petrol-charged version of its electric car, the LEAP, with an electric motor and electric drivetrain, and the first petrol-hybrid to be made with hydrogen.

In August, the UK government announced that the government was supporting a $1.2 billion (£923 million) study into a hydrogen-powered electric car.

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