How the government of Indonesia is taking on the fur industry in the name of protecting the environment

Indonesia is cracking down on a major fur industry, as part of efforts to fight climate change and protect its environment.

In the last three years, the government has enacted a raft of environmental regulations aimed at curbing the fur trade, with the latest set of measures announced this week.

In Indonesia, the animal fur trade is the country’s second-biggest, behind China, which has some of the world’s most stringent laws.

And for some years now, Indonesia has been trying to ban the fur business, which accounts for almost 10% of Indonesia’s total exports, according to government figures.

But the latest moves by the Indonesian government appear aimed at preventing the industry from thriving.

While it has made some progress in cracking down, the crackdown is likely to be more aggressive.

The move to ban a major industry was announced last week, in the face of protests from animal rights groups and a growing list of companies that had been exporting fur from Indonesia to other countries.

Some of the new measures include bans on the import of fur from countries where the animal is illegal.

Indonesia’s government has also said that the ban will have a negative impact on the country.

The ban will also have a long-term negative impact, said the government.

It will result in the loss of a lot of jobs, said Indonesian Minister of Justice, Izzie Wani.

But Wani did not address the impact on Indonesian jobs in the fur and fur products industry.

Wani has said that Indonesia’s economic situation is the worst it has ever been, and the government will continue to do whatever it takes to prevent the trade.

“We have a huge economy.

Our industries are bigger than ever before,” said Wani, who has come under criticism for her inaction.

“And that’s why we have to keep fighting for the environment and the environment’s environment.”

Indonesia’s ban was announced in the wake of a series of protests by animal rights activists, who have called for the government to crack down on the industry.

A campaign by the nonprofit, Indonesian Animal Rights Network, has been calling on the government, which was established in 2003, to ban fur exports from Indonesia, as well as the use of the Indonesian word for fur, fur kujung, which is a term for fur.

According to the group, the ban is a violation of the Constitution.

“This is an example of a government that is using the fur market to extract wealth from the people of Indonesia, to exploit them,” said the group’s founder, Dr. Atenu Oluwale.

“It’s a clear violation of human rights.”

Oluyas fur trade in Indonesia has grown rapidly in recent years.

By 2015, Indonesia’s industry was worth some $7 billion, according the Indonesian Animal Welfare Association.

Oluwa, who is also the minister of justice, said that while the ban on fur exports is aimed at protecting the economy, it will have an impact on human rights.

“The trade in fur is illegal in Indonesia, and we will take action against those who use it,” she said.

“I think that this is an action that will not be good for Indonesia.

This is a clear attack on the Indonesian people.”

In the meantime, Wani and other officials are trying to keep up the pressure on Indonesia’s fur industry.

In February, the country signed an agreement with the European Union to limit the fur export market to EU countries.

The European Union also agreed to allow international fur exporters to export fur to other European countries, though this is not yet set to take effect until the end of 2019.

“To the best of our knowledge, no one has been banned from buying fur in Indonesia,” said Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

“There is no ban on the trade in human fur.

But we will continue working to prevent it.”

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