Fox Fur Trap Process Is A ‘Huge Disaster’ For Wild Mink

A fur-trapping process that’s supposed to eliminate foxes’ long, dense fur from their bodies has caused an unprecedented and fatal wound to the mink fur of wild mink.

The National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) National Mink Survival Team is now scrambling to find a new supplier for the process, which was first used in the 1960s by scientists who had hoped to remove fur from mink that had been domesticated and kept in zoos.

While the process has been used for years by veterinarians and biologists to remove their fur from wild animals, it’s now becoming an urgent issue for people who work in and around the animal industry.

Mink fur, which is used in fur coats and hats and coats for animals, is prized by people who can fashion fur-lined coats and other products.

But its rapid spread to the marketplace is creating an unprecedented threat to wild minks, the NWF said in a statement.

In a statement released Tuesday, the organization said that because of the way the fur was handled, the wound can’t be treated.

It also said the process was “extremely dangerous” and that it would be “a huge disaster” if it didn’t stop.

“Mink is an iconic species in the world of fur,” the statement said.

“Its fur is unique in that it has a natural protective coating, which allows it to resist many types of animals.

But its coat is made up of many fibers that cannot be separated by the body.

This is a problem for all fur-saturated animals.

It’s also an issue for mink, who have long been known to eat mink.”

The fur is also used in animal products that contain fur.

The fur coat is a very hard material, which makes it very hard to remove the fur.

It has a very short life span.

And, the more fur is trapped, the harder it is to remove, the faster it rots, which can cause infections and the loss of fur.

In the past, fur was harvested for food and fur was sometimes used to make fur toys.

But the fur is now being made into animal products with an abundance of other fur.

“It’s a huge issue.

We’ve seen mink kill an average of 1,000 mink a year in Canada, and now they’re taking their last harvest of mink and they’re turning it into a product for sale to people,” said Dave Ebert, an associate professor of biological sciences at the University of Manitoba.

He said that’s a problem because fur is one of the only materials in nature that’s naturally protective against predators and that mink can’t live without fur.

He added that there’s been a dramatic increase in mink deaths in recent years, particularly among young mink breeders, who are being used in experiments to control fur.

Ebert said it’s not just a question of fur being taken out of minks’ bodies.

It is a question about how fur is being made.

The first fur was obtained from a mink at the zoo, he said.

Maintaining fur in the wild can be challenging, especially because mink are sensitive to predators and can become infected with viruses and other diseases.

Eberts said there are various methods to control mink disease, including the use of poisons, chemical repellents and traps.

“We don’t really know what the long-term effect of this will be, but it’s something that needs to be considered.

It may not be a problem with the fur itself, but with the whole system.”

Ebert noted that while the fur industry has changed in recent decades, the fur trade itself has not.

He said that since the 1970s, the industry has made enormous profits, largely through the sale of fur to consumers.

“You have the industry that’s been around for 30 years that’s now going on for 30-some years,” Ebert said.

“And so the industry is in a very vulnerable position right now.”

The organization said it is working with several groups to find an alternative supplier for fur-treated fur.

The group is also asking that any fur products containing fur be labeled as containing no fur.

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