Beaver fur processor says it has removed 3.5 million fur samples from its facility

Beaver processing plant, located in southern California, has removed more than 3.7 million fur sample from its processing plant after a California judge ruled it violated a court order.

The court order was issued in February when the facility began releasing a batch of 2.6 million animal fur samples each day.

But the company said that number has since increased to more than 6 million samples a day and that it is continuing to process samples.

The court order states that “there is no evidence of significant human exposure to fur, and there is no reasonable expectation of harm” to the animals.

Beaver said it will continue to work with the court and will “reinforce our commitment to ensure the integrity of the process.”

Beaver is the largest supplier of fur in the United States, with nearly 3.2 million pounds of animal fur processed each day, according to the California Fur Products Association.

In court filings, Beaver said the fur samples were collected from animals that were not part of a program it was in, and they were all shipped to a state facility in southern Los Angeles.

Beaver’s owner, John Lohr, told ABC News he is “troubled” by the court’s ruling and plans to appeal.

“I feel as if we have just lost a family member,” he said.

“There is a large number of people who live in California, and I know some of them who live on the west coast, that don’t feel safe with a dog that has been on their property for decades.”ABC News’ Jeff Stein contributed to this report.

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