A photo of a man in a fur coat was published online in India

The photos posted by a Facebook user show a man wearing a fur-lined coat with a single button at the top.

The man in the photos has an open collar and no collar at all.

This is not the first photo of the man in this coat and the photo was posted in October, according to The Times of India.

The photos have been widely shared on social media.

India’s government, however, has rejected the photos.

A spokesperson for the Indian government did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

India has been a leader in the fur industry and has a long history of banning fur.

In 2015, the country passed a law that banned the use of fur for the purpose of fashion, which was later enforced by the Indian High Court.

Fur is a highly expensive fur that has been used in several different ways, including as a coat.

Fur coats are generally made of a thick fur, often dyed black, and then sewn to the wearer.

They are worn for warmth and are commonly worn by both men and women.

The coat is then pulled over the wearer’s head to cover the head.

The wearer is often asked to remove the fur jacket as it will be exposed to the elements and sun, and it can be washed.

The country has also been a hotbed of controversy about the use and sale of fur.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was caught on camera in 2015 saying that the country’s national animal was a “black cat.”

India banned the import of fur in 2011.

However, Indian authorities have also allowed the importation of fur products in the country for the purposes of fashion.

According to the BBC, in 2014, India banned fur in its largest city, New Delhi, and the ban lasted until May of this year.

The Indian government has also banned fur exports, but not in a blanket manner.

In September, the government in New Delhi banned the sale of all products that include fur, which includes coats, hats, scarves, scarfs and necklaces, as well as clothing and accessories.

In May, the state of Maharashtra banned fur-trimmed and fur-striped jackets in its biggest city, Mumbai.

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