‘A lot of work went into my fur’: Man behind ‘fur making factory’ faces charges

As far as the head of a fur processing plant has been concerned, the work has been “a lot of hard work.”

But Giulio Scavia, whose name has come up in several news reports over the past week, was arrested on suspicion of running a brothel and having sex with underage girls.

“I was under 18, I worked at a fur making factory, and I did all the work that’s needed for a brothels to be established, so this was all done in a way that would be suitable for minors,” Scaviamo told Radio Europa.

He said he was arrested at his home on Tuesday morning, after he was caught in a joint operation by the police and a judicial police unit that covers the Italian capital.

“We got the arrest warrant from the judge, because we were not satisfied with the police’s evidence,” he said.

He was released on bail, and on Thursday police issued a new warrant for his arrest, but that was immediately denied by the judicial police.

“If they are not satisfied that we have enough proof to arrest, they will say that they have a case against me, and it will be rejected,” he added.

The case is the latest in a series of high-profile sex scandals to hit the Italian media in recent years.

In 2015, a former television presenter, Giancarlo Pannicchi, was convicted of raping a teenage girl in a brocaded hotel room.

The case led to his suspension from the television program and to an investigation by the judiciary, which concluded he was a paedophile.

And in 2015, an ex-cop was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman he had met online. 

In 2016, a police officer was found guilty of molesting a 14-year-old girl while on duty, but was released without conviction.

In 2017, the head honcho of the Italian fur industry was convicted on charges of trafficking underage girls, and was given a suspended sentence.

In 2018, the boss of a broiler company was arrested in a sting operation, accused of being a paedophile and having a “sex ring” that included underage girls from the same factory.

The latest case, in which Scavi was the “face” of the brothel, has prompted accusations of corruption and the possibility of blackmail. 

“The brothel is very serious.

It’s the symbol of all that is wrong with the industry in Italy,” Scibia told RIA.”

It’s a criminal enterprise, and the head is the person who gets caught.

They need to know what they are doing.”

The Italian media has also highlighted the scandalous relationship between the head and the factory, which Scabia runs. 

A spokesperson for the fur industry in the country told the BBC the brothel has “a very strict supervision system”.

“It is not like a hotel, where you can go in, do your business and leave, and then go back to the hotel,” he continued.

“The only thing that we can do is report any issues to the police, but they cannot stop us.”

They can only take action if the company has been found to be corrupt.

“It is understood the brotha has been shut down for the time being, but has not yet been shuttered as a result of Scavias arrest.

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