When a company wants to use fur to make clothes, they use fur dye, a new study finds

A fur dye company says it’s using a technique to turn fur into clothing in the US.

The process, called fur dye processing supplies (FDPS), allows fur to be dyed to a specific pigment that is then incorporated into clothing.

“This process uses a small amount of fur and a small volume of liquid dye to create an extremely durable dye that will last up to a century,” the company’s website says.

The company says that it has applied for licenses in 15 states and that the company will be launching its new dye-based fabrics in the next two weeks.

“The process uses the same process as the traditional production of fur in a small, sustainable fashion fashion,” the website says, “which means that you can make a large quantity of clothing in a few hours.

The dye will last for up to 100 years, which is much better than traditional fur dyes.”FDPS also claims that its fabrics are 100% recyclable, but we haven’t yet tested the company out in our lab.

The company is currently in a class action lawsuit in the UK over its fur dye.

The suit alleges that it “lacks adequate information about its environmental impact and uses unfair practices to exploit consumers”.

In response to the fur dye lawsuit, fur farmers across the country have been calling for the US government to allow fur dye to be used to make clothing, and to make it cheaper.

The US government has since issued regulations that would allow fur-based dye to come to the US, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty around whether the process will work.

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