U.S. meat exports up, but pork stays down in China

The U.K. meat trade grew by 2% in the second quarter, according to the government, while the United States’ grew by 0.3%, according to U.N. figures.

But the overall trade deficit between the two countries remained the same at $6.4 billion.

Meat imports in the U.k. were down by $3.4 million, while exports in China grew by $4.3 million.

China has been on a trade war footing in recent years.

It has been one of the top exporters of U.A.E. meat, but the U,S.

and Canada have also been on the losing end.

The United States has been the top beef exporter in the world, exporting more than a billion pounds (about $4 billion) of beef to China in the last fiscal year, according the U the US.

Meat Institute.

That’s a bigger chunk than the next five largest beef exporters combined, China, Japan, Brazil, India and Russia.

The U., Canada and Mexico have been on opposite sides of the trade war.

China and India, which have been competing with the U., have accused the U of being an arms dealer, while Mexico has accused the United of being a trade bully.

Mexico, which has the world’s third-largest beef market, is pushing for an increase in tariffs on U.V.A., or domestic cattle, to deter U.B.E.-grown cattle from leaving the country.

The government of Prime Minister Enrique Peña Nieto has said it’s not an economic threat, but Peña has also said that the U and the United Kingdom are trying to drive a wedge between Mexico and the U.

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