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Persian Handicrafts

Authentic, Affordable, Magnificent 

How to order?

In three simple steps own a unique Persian handicraft


Place your order

All of our goods have a 6 digit tag. You can simply contact us via WhatsApp, Instagram or Email and ask about the price and other details by mentioning the 6 digit code.


Pay the amount

We will ask about the address and calculate the total cost of your order.
You can pay for your order via the credit card or brank transfer. 


Track your order

You will get notified about your order's shipping stage, and it's arrival date. 

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We are local

We have a local corespondent in Moscow which you can contact and ask any questions about the products and shipping details.
We can deliver to Moscow city area within 24 hours and the rest of Russia in up to 5 days.


Iran is our homeland

Our head office is located in Tehran, Capital of Iran. And we know most of the handicraft workshops and masters from all over the country and have be working with them for years.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will completely and cleary answer all of your questions about the dimensions, used material and shipping options.
We will fully inspect and carefully pack your order which is selected from the most beautiful handicrafts from the best masters in Iran.
Finally, if you are not sure, in some cases, we can even arrange for you to pay for the merchant after inspecting it yourself.

About us

We are a trading company based in Iran and we are closely working with Iranian handicraft masters to provide a simple cost-effective way for them to showcase their work abroad.

Our costumers are usually handicraft shops and organizations however, We aim to eliminate middle work and cut the unnecessary costs to deliver authentic artifacts with reasonable prices to the home costumers abroad.

Our Services

  1. We trade Iranian artifacts and handicraft - You can choose from the range of goods that we have selected, verified and delivered to our wear house in Moscow. These are the goods we know it will match the art taste of russian people so there is a high probability that you will love your purchase.
  2. We will do the shopping for you - Found something we don't already deliver? The selling website or company cannot speak in Russian? Not sure about the price or quality? We can contact the seller on your behalf and ask all the questions you have on your behalf, We can consult you wether the item is worth buying or not and we can inform you about the quality of the item, and finally we can buy the item on your behalf and deliver it to you with no hidden costs and all of the receipts translated and readable in Russian.

Contacts us

To place a order


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